Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps

Himalayan rock salt lamps are best known for their air purifying qualities, helping to remove bacteria, dirt, smoke and allergens from the air and create a clean and fresh environment. These durable and well-made salt lamps are crafted by specialist artisans responsible for the design of these beautiful pieces. Gems of Himalayas provide salt lamps in a variety of different shapes and sizes, each contributing uniquely to interior spaces.

1 – Natural Lamps

Gems of Himalayas manufactures Himalayan Natural lamps which omit negatively charged ions. These ions are natural air purifiers which help improve breathing and sleep and provide relief from allergens and air pollutants.

2 – Himalayan Fire bowl

The Himalayan Fire Bowl omits a warm, natural light that creates a more relaxing and soothing environment. They are available in different sizes.

3 – Himalayan Figure Lamps

Gems of Himalayas manufactures figure lamps in numerous shapes ranging from fishes, elephants, ducks and in even dolphins.

4 – Himalayan Geometrical Lamps

Our Himalayan salt lamps are designed in a multitude of geometrical shapes ranging from the more traditional lamp outline through to balls, cylinders, teardrops, ovals, and pyramids.

5 – Himalayan USB Lamps

If candles aren’t your style, these lamps are specially designed to allow a USB/electric wire to be inserted in them. Like the other styles, these lamps are also designed in various shapes as well.

By Order: Any Shape , Size , Weight Can Be Produced.
Lamp Base: Wooden , Plastic & Marble are Available.